Crafting premium motorcycle
experiences in France

Why join the pack
& ride with us ?

Small groups, big fun

Small groups, big fun
Riding motorcycles in the vineyards, French countryside

Tired of waiting for the gang?

Our groups peak at 5 bikes, no more. This allows us to be more nimble on the road, and to go where big groups can’t go, like charming B&B accommodations instead of hotel chains, for example.

Guidance & assistance

Guidance & assistance
Riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles in France


An experienced English-speaking motorcycle-riding tour guide leads the way through some of the best itineraries and attractions France has to offer. At the back of the convoy, a support vehicle takes care of luggage transportation, technical assistance, thirst quenching, and other pleasantries.

Off-the-beaten-path routes

Off-the-beaten-path routes
Discovering unique motorcycle roads in France

The best roads are always the hardest to find!

All of our routes have been extensively tested and handpicked to guarantee the best, most scenic itinerary possible between point A and point B. No main highways, just backroads, because that’s how you get to fully experience France.

Not your generic hotel chain

Not your generic hotel chain
Premium boutique hotel in France

Meet the locals in a warm and friendly atmosphere

Why travel halfway across the planet to stay in the same bland hotel chains you can find back home? We only pick small premium boutique hotels and comfortable Bed & Breakfasts for a real immersion in the French way of life.

Ride, relax & discover

Ride, relax & discover
Beautiful locations to visit in France

Much more than just going from point A to point B!

It’s not only about riding through wonderful landscapes and then relaxing in premium accommodations! You’ll also get to visit, meet, taste and experience firsthand all the aspects of French culture. And have fun with the Totem Moto Tours Signature Activities, like the self-guided Poker Run and the convivial Totem Night!

Our values

We Ride


Riding with Totem Moto Tours is like riding with a club.

In true club spirit, we’ll do everything we can to make you feel welcome and have the best time with the rest of the pack. One for all and all for one!


Our passion is about freedom, and freedom is crucial to everyone.

To be able to do what we love doing for a very long time, we think it’s essential that we do so with respect. Respect for the bikes, the road and everybody using it, respect for the country and its people.


We look after our own. The safety of the riders remains our highest priority.

Your experienced, first-aid trained tour guide and support vehicle for technical and safety assistance are here to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Who we are

We’re bikers, travelers, scenic road lovers and poor karatekas. Oh, and we’re French. Enchanté!

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