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Motorcycles in Badlands National Park
Leaving Montreal via the massive Jacques Cartier bridge towards road 132, we experience the very first shiver, far from any kind of realization of what we’re actually about to do. It's a brief breath, mixed feelings, like a first perceptible tremor, the end of another chapter from the book of our life.
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The erratic flapping of our jackets in the wind, the cars passing by, eager to leave the island. Montreal, in its summer version, dominated by the imposing structure of steel, concrete and stone on which we are riding, escapes our vision to quickly resurface in our mirrors after the Saint-Hélène island turn. Blocks of brick, of glass, of iron, outgrown by the Mont-Royal park whose outline, seen from where we are, evokes a slain beast, topped by the cross.

The bridge, the road, the cars...

Montréal seen from the bridge.

South shore. The Taschereau boulevard snakes through clusters of shopping centers, residential areas, parking lots, Chinese buffets, greasy strip clubs…

We hold our breath. It’s just a matter of minutes now before we free ourselves from the suburban jungle.

… sports shops, Casa Grecque, outdoor goods stores, fast food restaurants…

Industrial buildings - Photo by Eric Prouzet on Unsplash

Just a few hundred meters left.

… gas stations, SAQ, Tim Horton’s, IGA…

And suddenly, the prairie. Vast plains encircling the city, grain fields as far as the eye can see on both sides of the long straight strip of asphalt that is road 104. The smells reappear, along with the colors.

Motorcycle riding in Quebec.
Motorcycle riding in Quebec.

We inhale deeply, as if we had been holding our breath until then, since the idea for this trip sprouted in our minds a year ago. Long, deep breaths. Between our legs, the engines rejoice as well: fresh and pure air is sucked into the intakes and loads up on vaporized gas before it opens wide the combustion chambers.

The sun is shining on a beautiful June morning. The perfect day to start a new chapter.

Vincent Martinez
CEO & Founder Totem Moto Tours

Photo credits

Vincent Martinez & Julie Ledru
Montreal photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash
Factory photo by Eric Prouzet on Unsplash

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