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Parisian Stay

The Totem Parisian Stay is an optional 3-night stay in Paris that can be arranged prior to your motorcycle tour. Keen on exploring the City of Lights? Let us guide you!

For you to properly recover from jet lag before your motorcycle tour while spending some quality time in one of Europe's most iconic city, Totem Moto Tours has crafted the Totem Parisian Stay, a 3-night stay in the very heart of Paris, with various activities that can be tailored to your desires.

Day 1 • Day 1 • Day 1 • Day 1

Day 1 • Day 1 • Day 1 • Day 1

Day 1 • Day 1 • Day 1 • Day 1 Day 1 • Day 1 • Day 1 • Day 1
An aerial view of Paris.

Arrival in Paris

You land at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. As soon as you clear customs and retrieve your luggage, you meet your private chauffeur waiting for you in the arrivals hall. Just sit back and relax as he drives you to your hotel, located in the very heart of the city. Take some time to settle in and put your feet up at the hotel or go back out right away for a first walk in Paris. It’s up to you, you have free time!

Day 2 • Day 2 • Day 2 • Day 2

Day 2 • Day 2 • Day 2 • Day 2

Day 2 • Day 2 • Day 2 • Day 2 Day 2 • Day 2 • Day 2 • Day 2
The Notre-Dame cathedral, overlooking the Seine river.

An introduction to Paris

A night of good sleep in a comfortable bed and a hearty breakfast are the best cure for even the most vicious jet lag. Take it easy in the morning. After lunch, you are met at your hotel by your private guide for the afternoon. A real Parisian, passionate about her city, she takes you on a walking tour of the vibrant center of Paris, along the Seine River. She knows about every nook and cranny of the city, so if you want to know anything, just ask her!

Day 3 • Day 3 • Day 3 • Day 3

Day 3 • Day 3 • Day 3 • Day 3

Day 3 • Day 3 • Day 3 • Day 3 Day 3 • Day 3 • Day 3 • Day 3
The Alexander III bridge spans the Seine river.

The City of Lights

You get to choose between 3 different visits. Do you want to dive into the city’s network of underground tunnels for a guided tour of the Catacombs? Or maybe see for yourself what this Louvre Museum is all about? Or even check out the incredible digital art of l’Atelier des Lumières? The choice is yours, take your pick! In the evening, embark on a dinner cruise you won’t forget on the Seine River and watch Paris’ main landmarks light up as the sun goes down.

Day 4 • Day 4 • Day 4 • Day 4

Day 4 • Day 4 • Day 4 • Day 4

Day 4 • Day 4 • Day 4 • Day 4 Day 4 • Day 4 • Day 4 • Day 4
The Arc de Triomphe, on the Place de l'Etoile.


In the morning, use your free time by going for a stroll at your own pace in the Quartier Latin, or by climbing the many steps to the top of the Montmartre hill for a unique panoramic view of Paris. After lunch, meet your private chauffeur at the hotel. He drives you to the train station where you catch your TGV (high-speed train) to your next adventure: your motorcycle tour.

The Totem Parisian Stay in pictures

Have the camera ready and make sure you don't run out of film roll!

The world-famous Eiffel Tower.
The Seine river, Paris.
The Panthéon, in the Latin Quarter.
The iconic Montmartre hill.
Explore the Catacombs if you dare.
Paris' Catacombs.
The gargoyles of Notre-Dame cathedral.
The dinner cruise on the Seine river.
Dinner with a view.
Your 4* accommodation in Paris.
The Louvre museum.
Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, the Louvre museum, Paris.

What's included

Choose your restaurants, we take care of the rest!



•  Ideally located 4* boutique-hotel

•  3 nights

•  Breakfasts included

•  Superior room category



•  A private chauffeur for your arrival and departure

•  Waiting for you with a sign at the airport when you land in Paris

•  Leading you to your platform at the train station


Activities & Visits

•  A half-day walking tour with a private guide in the center of Paris

•  Dinner cruise on the Seine River

•  Choice of activities: the Catacombs, or the Louvre Museum, or the Atelier des Lumières

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