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What does travel insurance cover?


Travel insurance provides coverage for you (medical-related expenses), your stuff (lost or stolen luggage, for example), and your experiences (last-minute trip cancellation, for example).

Why should I need travel insurance?


It is important to note that most regular health insurance plans provide partial or no coverage when traveling abroad. For example, Medicare does not provide coverage outside of the United States. This means that in the event of a medical emergency, you will be responsible for the related expenses, and hospital stays don’t come cheap…

In some cases, credit card insurance might include coverage for trip cancellation (with limitations) but seldom for medical expenses or evacuation.

With that in mind, the Totem crew strongly suggests you purchase travel insurance coverage at the time of booking. Depending on the plan you choose, your travel insurance can cover medical emergencies, trip cancellation, trip interruption, medical evacuation, and lost, damaged, or stolen luggage.

Most travel insurance will pay medical expenses up to the benefit limit when you face a medical emergency while traveling. When choosing the right plan for your needs, it is important to pay close attention to whether your travel medical insurance is primary or secondary, and also the way it covers pre-existing conditions.

When should I get it?


The sooner you purchase your travel insurance plan, the better! The ideal is within days of making your initial trip deposit. There are many benefits to purchasing the plan early, including maximizing the period of cancellation coverage and being eligible for pre-existing condition coverage.

Where can I get a quote?


If you want to learn more about travel insurance or start quoting and comparing policies, you might want to check out this website. Note that Totem Moto Tours is not affiliated with this website in any way; it is just provided as a useful tool for comparing different available insurance plans. Totem Moto Tours do not sell travel insurance and do not have any stake in recommending one over another.