The weather

The weather in France

In general, France enjoys a temperate climate. The weather is often mild, but big differences can exist between the different regions and seasons. This is something to keep in mind when packing!

In metropolitan France, three types of climate coexist. The Mediterranean climate reigns in the better part of southern France, bringing hot summers, temperate to cool winters and few rainfalls. The continental climate spreads over Paris and central France, meaning warm to hot summers, colder winters and some precipitation. The oceanic climate, found in the western part of France, tends to bring smaller temperature ranges, temperate winters and summers, and frequent rainfall.

Spring in France

Pleasant conditions are typical in spring. Chillier temperatures in March and April give way to warmer weather in May. Depending on the region visited and trip dates, temperatures should range between 55° F to 75° F. Some rainfall should be expected, especially in the north and on the west coast.

Beautiful summer day in France, Gorges du Tarn

Summer conditions in France are typically warm or hot, except in the western coastal area, which tends to be more temperate. Average temperatures range from about 65° to 85° F in the north, 80° to 90° F in the south. Heatwaves have brought record-breaking temperatures, sometimes exceeding 100° F in recent years. Summer storm systems are quite common.

Fall in France, Côte de Granite Rose

The early fall months usually see pleasant and temperate weather. Clear conditions and warm days tend to reign until the end of September. Temperatures dip sharply heading toward late October and early November, and rain is more frequent. Temperatures occasionally dip below zero at this time. Overall, temperatures in the fall can range from as low as 40° F to as high as 75° F.

Winter in France, the Alps

Winter is generally quite chilly, even in the coastal regions. Snowfall is rare, except for the mountainous regions of the Alps and Pyrenees. Temperatures often drop below freezing point, with average temperatures between 32° F and 45° F, depending on the region.